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 This is the place to get specialty coffee with a purpose to put our company into co-mission with our Redeemer Jesus Christ. When you buy Coffee of the Cross, you are helping to commission the 'Great Commission' of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to support the Mountain of Peace Shrine.

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Why Choose Coffee of the Cross?

It is founded by Father John Anthony Boughton C.F.R.

Father John Anthony is the General Servant of the Franciscans of the Renewal (C.F.R).  The C.F.R.'s have a profound commitment to the purpose of salvation for the souls who embark on both physical and spiritual pilgrimages to the Shrine of the Mountain of Peace. Following years of discernment, prayer, and inspiration, the Friars made the decision in 2012 to commence the construction of a Shrine dedicated to Peace and Life. This endeavor signifies not only a physical structure but also a spiritual sanctuary where individuals can seek solace, guidance, and renewal on their journey towards inner peace and spiritual growth. As a customer of Coffee of the Cross, one becomes an integral part of this noble mission, contributing to the realization of a sacred space devoted to fostering peace and spiritual awakening in the hearts of all who encounter it.


Also, you can spread the faith through coffee relationships to bring the Mountain of Peace Shrine in a mystical way to the table of your home.



What are you contributing to by donating or buying coffee?

With every purchase, you are actively contributing to the sustainability of this Sacred Shrine, ensuring its doors remain open to faithful pilgrims seeking solace and spiritual nourishment. In 2022, the Sacred Penitentiary of Rome bestowed Plenary indulgence upon this revered site for those undertaking the physical pilgrimage through the Stations of the Cross. This recognition underscores the profound significance of the Shrine as a place of spiritual renewal and redemption. Moreover, in 2023, through the generous donations and collaborative efforts facilitated by coffee purchases, we were able to raise nearly $10,000. 


These funds were instrumental in carrying out essential maintenance works, safeguarding the Shrine's integrity and ensuring that its sacred mission continues to flourish. Your support not only sustains the physical infrastructure of the Shrine but also enables countless souls to experience its transformative power and profound spiritual grace, thanks a million! 


More information in the video: 



What is the Mountain of Peace Shrine?

The journey of the Sanctuary commences at the Cathedral of the City, marking the initial station of the Via Crucis, and stretches over 4 kilometers until reaching the top of Apante, the Mountain of Peace. Along the Marian Way of the Cross, pilgrims traverse through the city streets and venture into the natural splendor of the Apante nature reserve, surrounded by lush coffee plantations that adorn the Way of the Cross. To enhance your spiritual experience, you can access and download the meditations of the Stations of the Cross,  crafted by Fr. Gregorio, by clicking on the button below.


 Way of the Cross 

In the video below, the original elements planned for the Shrine are narrated. Presently, the Cross and the Marian Way of the Cross have been constructed, marking significant progress. However, the completion of the Chapel of Mary Queen of Peace remains pending. We place our hope in God and trust in His providence to guide us clearly on how and when to proceed with its construction.


How does a cup of Coffee of the Cross impact the lives of the faithful?

With this coffee, you have the opportunity to change the lives of the faithful who make a pilgrimage to the Shrine year after year, offering their prayers and supplications. Additionally, nestled in the Mountain is the convent of San Antonio of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, who dedicate themselves to serving the spiritual needs of visitors, particularly on Saturdays of each month with the Confession. Your support through purchasing our coffee directly contributes to sustaining these spiritual endeavors and the maintenance of the Shrine. To witness the profound impact of your contributions, we invite you to watch the following video of our last pilgrimage.



Why Should you consider subscribing?

Subscriptions represent the most impactful way to effect change, as they provide stability for both you as a coffee donor and buyer and for the Shrine. Through subscriptions, we can establish clear plans that facilitate evangelization through the coffee business and within the Shrine itself. Coffee of the Cross possesses the transformative power to revolutionize the coffee market and contribute to the establishment of a Sanctuary amidst the relationships cultivated through the coffee trade. While subscribing may not yield significant economic benefits for you, it symbolizes a testimony to the virtue of giving. By subscribing, you participate in an act of love and generosity, reflecting the essence of virtuous living. Giving is not only a means of receiving; it is also a pathway to eternal life.


Thank you for taking this step, we pledge our special prayers on the Mass for our subscribers.


What if I want Organic coffee or another type of coffee?

You have the option to purchase coffee from other affiliated sites. While this may not directly contribute to the Coffee of the Cross initiative in partnership with the Friars, it does help strengthen the collective effort of our team working towards the same mission. Your support through purchases on any sister site is greatly appreciated by us.


Religious Roast Coffee Company,  Enjoy your coffee in the company of your favorite Saint.


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Good Coffee Cooperative, Green Coffee Distribution Managers and the Mountain of Peace Coffee Brand. Each choice makes a difference in supporting our shared values and initiatives.


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The Mountain of Peace Shrine

In the heart of the Apante mountain, once a site of pagan sacrifices venerating the serpent woman, now stands a testament to transformation and faith—the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Originally built and founded by the community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, this sacred site underwent a profound conversion to Catholicism. Perched atop a mountain soaring more than 4,900 feet above sea level, the Shrine is crowned by a magnificent 108-foot illuminated Cross, casting its light every night. At the base of this towering symbol of Redemption stands the imposing figure of Our Lady of Guadalupe, reaching 39 feet in height. It as a powerful reminder to the world that in Christ, the triumph over the forces of darkness is assured.


Your purchase marks a Before and After journey

With each purchase of our coffee, you pave the way for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Just as Our Lady is Triumphant in Heaven, so she is Triumphant here on earth. Our coffee is the tool that will help make visible that which is invisible. In our brand story, we will journey through time and experience a period of massive conversion throughout the world. This conversion will illustrate the timeless treasure of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Just as the Mountain of Apante (illustrated below) has transformed from paganism to Catholicism, your support brings about a similar transformation in the lives of others. Every cup of our coffee symbolizes the mystical presence of the Mountain of Peace Shrine, serving as the first pearl of the Rosary that holds the power to change the world. By choosing Coffee of the Cross, you become a part of the Community that lifts high the Cross, and the force that will bring about the revelation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. - In hoc signo vinces  ☧  By this sign, conquer - 

Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

In 2014, 65 bishops consecrated the Mountain of Peace Shrines and their dioceses to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Shrine

The Inspiration and Discernment of the Mountain of Peace

The Inspiration of the Cross and the Shrine

In itself, the inspiration for the Cross originates from various sources and individuals, all sharing the same objective. One of the earliest accounts stems from the Venerable Antonio Margin de Jesus, who erected four crosses in Nicaragua, one near the Apante Mountain. Venerable Antonio Margin de Jesus believed that pagan lands should uplift the Cross, symbolizing Salvation. Nearly three centuries after Venerable Margil de Jesus traversed Nicaraguan territory, the story of Franciscan Bishop of Matagalpa, Mons. Julian Luis Barni, and his encounter with Saint San Antonio de Apante emerged. This saint was often depicted in a small image. Subsequently, dreams surfaced, including one recounted by the Former Bishop of Matagalpa (now Archbishop and Cardinal of Managua), Leopoldo Cardenal Brenes, who dreamed of placing a Cross in the heart of the Americas. In 1990, Cardinal Brenes, then Bishop of Matagalpa, erected a 5-meter-high Cross on the Cathedral grounds as a symbol of the millennium's transition.


Cardinal Brenes expressed, "It was my dream to build a Cross; I had never told Mons Rolando Alvarez. I had the Dream to build a cross here, now the Lord is granting me the grace of seeing this dream become a reality."


Subsequently, various accounts and dreams surfaced, envisioning a Cross on the Mountain, eventually reaching the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, who would oversee its construction. One of the most notable mystics associated with the Cross was Barbara, a deceased friend of Father John. Father John often sought Barbara's guidance through prayer for discernment. During one such instance, Barbara conveyed to Father John that she could envision a large Cross behind his convent, confirming Father John's decision to initiate the Cross's construction. Additionally, confirmations in the form of donations from the friars' relatives, particularly those of Priest Alberto Osewski, were instrumental in initiating this construction.


Gratitude is extended to all the benefactors who have contributed to this inspiration and are gradually bringing this Shrine to fruition. While the clear purpose for the future of this Shrine remains unknown, it is undoubtedly a place chosen by heaven for a divine mission. Despite uncertainties regarding the project's future, prayers are offered to God for a miracle to propel its progress and unveil its intended purpose — a sanctuary erected for Peace, for Life, and for the greater glory of God.



The First Designs of the Cross

The initial blueprints for both the Cross and the Shrine emerged from the creative mind of Father Alberto, who first sketched them by hand. These initial sketches were then refined and illustrated by architect Aleysis Osegueda, setting the stage for the construction process. Throughout this endeavor, a myriad of individuals played vital roles, including benefactors, skilled professionals, and notably, the council of Friars who embraced the project as their own. Comprising Fr. John Boughton, Fr. Albert Osewski, Fr. John D. Sutherland, Fr. Gregory Wierzba, and Bro. Gerard, this council spiritually adopted the endeavor, guiding its progress with unwavering dedication. 


Workers Who Built the Cross: 


1) Luis Amador Rodríguez – Head

2) Francisco Javier Castellón Calvo – Bricklayer

3) Jorge Zeledón Castro Soldador - Bricklayer 

4) Orlando José Machado B. – Bricklayer

5) Argelio Jarquín Hernández – Bricklayer

6) Francisco Javier Zamora Pérez – Bricklayer's Assistant

7) Omar Rubén Zamora Pérez – Bricklayer's Assistant

8) Uriel Antonio Zamora Pérez – Bricklayer's Assistant

9) Jymmi Castillo Palacios – Bricklayer's Assistant

10) Juan Alberto Centeno – Bricklayer's Assistant

11) Noel Ernesto Zamora Pérez – Bricklayer's Assistant

12) Wilmer José Mendoza Montenegro – Bricklayer's Assistant

13) Carlos Mairena Mairena – Bricklayer's Assistant

14) Cesar Granado Granado – Bricklayer's Assistant

15) Armando José Granado Granado – Bricklayer 


Construcción de la Virgen de Guadalupe

1) Federico Matus – Arquitecto / escultor


The first realistic design ideas came from Fr. Alberto

Nicaraguan a Marian Country - By Fr.  John Boughton

Nicaraguan a Marian Country 

By Fr. John, CFR


Every now and then, a person arrives at a place they've never been before but feels as if they're at home. That's how I feel now as we embark on establishing the new convent in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Once completed, it will be named the San Antonio Convent, which makes sense since we're starting its construction from scratch. However, providentially, we have several aspects in our favor. We received the official invitation from the diocese to come to Nicaragua, Cardinal Egan granted us permission to settle, and the Diocese of Matagalpa acquired the land for the convent, provided by two brothers who wanted Catholic presence in a poor neighborhood located on a hillside overlooking the city. All of this is perfect for us. As is our custom, whatever we build will be provided by our benefactors and will be owned by the diocese. Currently, we are living in an empty office building, but these are superficial aspects that do not diminish the strong feeling of being at home.


I try to identify the main reason for why I have this strong sense of belonging, and I find several aspects. The Spanish colonial atmosphere, along with the sociable nature and self-confidence of Nicaraguans, reminds me of my Texan roots. Nicaraguans have a magnificent sense of cultural identity, which, among other things, is demonstrated through their songs and poems about their beloved land. Likewise, there has been a Franciscan presence here for centuries. In the memory of the people, there is a clear recollection that faith was brought here through the great sacrifice of individuals like the Venerable Antonio Margil OFM (Look up his biography online; we hope for progress in his canonization process). In fact, the recognition of the work of the friars makes one feel accepted, making the fixed questioning looks from those who do not know us more tolerable.


Another aspect of this place that makes me feel at home are the tall, rugged mountains surrounding the city, reminiscent of other places where I have enjoyed living, such as New Mexico and Herzegovina in Bosnia. In Bosnia, I lived and worked for two years during which the country was at war, making it similar to Nicaragua, which has recently experienced periods of revolution and long civil wars, with Matagalpa being heavily affected. In this place, people bear deep wounds, and the fear of a resurgence of past conflicts is palpable. Truly, all of this is very familiar to me. All of this adds elements that generate that feeling, but I must clarify that none of the aspects mentioned so far are the fundamental ones.


Recently, I have understood why. Just as supposedly our Lady has appeared in recent years on the hills of Herzegovina in Medjugorje, she also appeared in the 90s in Nicaragua. She continues to call her children to seek the peace that can only be found in her son Jesus. Within this context, my mind and heart exclaim, "Of course..., now I understand, my home is where my mother is!"


Decidedly, Nicaragua is a Marian nation. The country was consecrated to our Lady of the Immaculate Conception a long time ago, just as the Croats of Herzegovina have officially named Mary the perpetual queen of their land. National devotion to Mary in Nicaragua is very strong. For example, in Managua, there is a huge statue of our Lady in a roundabout on a major avenue, and very close by, in another roundabout, a huge statue of Jesus. These statues have been funded with public funds, and I could find similar images in almost every town I visited.


True Marian devotion always leads us to her son, so it is not surprising that the nation has a strong devotion to Jesus present in the blessed sacrament. Every Thursday, in almost every parish, there is a full day of adoration and processions. And with devotion to the Eucharist logically follows the desire for holy confession. Father Francis Mary, Father Terry, and I were happily surprised when we arrived unannounced to hear some confessions one afternoon at the cathedral, but we ended up finishing nine hours later. What a magnificent revelation! Now we knew that this would be our weekly apostolate.


Indeed, I feel at home in Nicaragua because our Lady is so present in this country, and because she is so accepted here. I feel at home because a vibrant majority of the population of this nation is not afraid to proclaim their faith, and they strive and fight for what is true, good, and just. Therefore, it is not surprising that recently, 98% of the votes in a survey were in favor of keeping abortion illegal, even when foreign governments and NGOs exerted strong pressure to change these results.


I am not saying that Nicaragua is paradise on earth. There is deep poverty generated in part by the long years of civil war and the strong natural disasters that have occurred approximately every two decades. Other problems are that the economy is sustained by external resources, and the political environment, like in other Central American countries, is volatile. Moreover, alcoholism, nurtured by poverty, is endemic. These situations are real problems, signs that remind us that we are not truly in our permanent home. Similarly, Bosnia-Herzegovina has suffered for centuries under Turkish, Nazi, and Communist regimes, all of which fervently and unsuccessfully tried to destroy all signs of faith in Jesus.


Being a Marian nation does not mean having a people unfamiliar with conflict. Certainly, the opposite is true. It should not surprise us that where our Lady is found, very close by is the enemy who tries to prevent people from acquiring the peace that her son offers. It is biblical; the enemy "became enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus" (NIV: Rev 12:17). Being in a state of conflict should be a familiar condition for all devotees of Mary, precisely because we bear witness to her son. During my stay in Medjugorje, I have frequently reflected that the war in Bosnia is only the physical manifestation of the spiritual battle that is raging worldwide. Fortunately, armed combat at the physical level is not the norm, however, it is a real and constant conflict.


Mary indicates to us that we should always be ready for battle, and that we should enter armed with the only good weapon, peace itself. Jesus tells us, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid" (NIV: John 14:27).


He then says, the world will hate you. "You will have trouble in the world but do not be afraid, I have overcome the world." We have peace when we are close to Jesus through prayer. "Pray, pray, pray!" has been the constant call of Mary in Medjugorje. Peace is the weapon (shield?) with which we fight our battle against the forces of darkness. Peace comes to those around us when we are at peace in him and through him.


Christians will only find our home in Heaven. That is our only home, and thankfully, we can anticipate what that home will be like, despite the conflicts that exist on earth. Our battle is with the armament of the King of Peace so that all those around us can anticipate what our home (in heaven) will be like. The feeling of being at home here in Nicaragua indicates to me that this is a country where matters of faith still matter. It can be observed that many here have their hearts set on the true home. The problems here do not overshadow the fact that something beautiful is alive in the faith of so many people.


I know that many people from different nations will read this reflection. Jesus is calling you personally to fight to make your nation not only a country without war because the mere absence of war definitely does not define peace. You are called to work to make your land a more homely place, being an instrument of peace for the people of your nation, leading them to the true home,,,,, Heaven. Therefore, I invite you to be a faithful follower of the message that Mary has given us in Medjugorje and here in Nicaragua..., pray, fast, read the Scriptures, confess your sins, and convert. These are the weapons of peace. Use them, and you will know the peace that surpasses all understanding. Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

May the Lord give you His peace


St. John Paul II said that only in Jesus Christ can human beings find themselves. It is only through Jesus, and more so through his cross, that we find the peace we seek. Under the cross, also, we receive his mother, Mary Queen of Peace, as our mother to guide us before Jesus.

In this time, we encounter so many threats to peace in the hearts of individuals, in families, in towns, and in nations that the world in which we live is gravely ill. Countries that were Christian every year turn into pagans, thus moving away from salvation. In the time in which we live, we must remember the words of God to Caesar Constantine, a pagan, to overcome all enemies of peace: "in this sign you will conquer," and the sign he saw was a large cross in the heavens. We know that through the conversion of Constantine by the sign of the cross, Jesus conquered paganism. With this thought, I propose that we constantly remember the cross during these confusing times to indicate to everyone where our hope and peace come from. Anyone who is lost on their path can find a new life of peace and love in conversion.


The project is located in the Cerro Apante Natural Park in Matagalpa, in the center of Nicaragua, which is in the heart of Central America, and therefore the visual center of the Americas, in order to mark all the Americas with the Cross of Jesus Christ. Located at the top of the Apante mountain, the cross will be visible for many kilometers, shining at night. Its shape reminds us of the cross of Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) where millions of people have gone on pilgrimage seeking the peace of Jesus through the intercession of his mother Mary Queen of Peace.


With God's help, it is our desire to have a "Way of the Cross" to the chapel similar to the one found in Medjugorje. In total, the cross will be 33 meters high, in honor of the years that the Lord was in the Holy Land. At its feet will appear an image of Our Lady. To reach the Cross, one must take the Way of the Cross path, starting at the cathedral and passing towards the summit of the mountain, so that people can perform acts of penance and reparation, which are necessary for the conversion of the heart. The Apante project, Mountain of Peace, will be complete when we have finished the construction of the two stages: First the Cross and second the Chapel Mary Queen of Peace, where pilgrims can pray and participate in the Holy Mass. If God allows it, this chapel in honor of Our Lady Queen of Peace will be a pilgrimage site for all Central Americans seeking Peace.


Thank you for your time and attention. May God bless you for your generosity.

Fr. John Boughton, CFR 

The Consecration of November 27, 2014 (Feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal)

Consecration of the Cross


On November 27, 2014, the Bishops of all Latin America (CELAM) met in Nicaragua to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the canonical establishment of the Diocese of Matagalpa and at the same time to bless the "Cross of Peace" located on the Mountain of Peace in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. During the blessing of the cross, the Bishops also consecrated their Dioceses and all of Latin America to the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Do you remember the Secrets of Fatima?  


Fatima asked for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, or Russia would contaminate the world with its evils... After reading the third part of the secret of Fatima, Saint John Paul II traveled to Portugal on May 13, 1982, and consecrated not only to Russia but also to the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This act, however, did not satisfy the consecration requested by the Virgin Mary, since the bishops of the whole world should also participate. Therefore "on March 25, 1984, in Saint Peter's Square, recalling the mandate pronounced by Mary, the Holy Father in spiritual union with the bishops of the world, entrusted all men and women and all peoples to the Immaculate Heart of Mary," said Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, then Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Years later the Berlin wall fell and communism dissipated.


The signs and miracle of the day of consecration, November 27th, 2014: While Cardinal Brenes spoke, he expressed:

"The Bishops have lost the contemplative attitude of nature, during today, the Lord has been speaking to us through signs, in the morning during Mass, a cloud covered us. Do you remember the cloud that accompanied the people of Israel?

During the afternoon, a soft breeze came. Do you remember when in the first book of Kings, in which it was said, that the Lord was not in the wind, nor in the earthquake, nor in the fire, but in the stillness of a gentle breeze, just as Elijah perceived it at the entrance of a cave?


And now the Lord, after consecrating Latin America to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, immediately a rainbow appeared behind the Cardinal, to which he mentioned: "You see it, you see it, remember the rainbow during the flood, it is the seal of the pact of the alliance with Noah "God speaks to us in a soft voice all the time."


Guests at the Consecration


Cardenal Oscar Andres Rodriguez

Cardenal Leopoldo Jose Brenes

Conferencia Episcopal de Nicaragua

Los Obispos del CELAC

Fr. John Paul Oullette (Servidor General, Franciscanos de la Renovacion)

Clero de Matagalpa y Nicaragua

Comunidades Religiosas

Autoridades de Gobierno

Autoridades Civiles y Militares

Autoridades Municipales


List of ambassadors invited from the Diocese of Matagalpa 


Sra. Phyllis M. Powers – EU.

Rodrigo Labardini- Embajador de México

Hernán Mena Taboada - Embajador de Chile

Javier Sancho Bonilla - Embajador de Costa Rica

Luiz Felipe Mendonça- Brasil

Héctor Darío Gularte – Guatemala

Juan José Figueroa Tenas – El Salvador

Eddy Rodríguez – Panamá

Diana Valladares – Honduras


The Prayer of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Bishops of CELAC 

Oh Virgin of Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas, we, the bishops of Central America and the civil authorities, consecrate our lives to you. We implore you to take under the protection of your Immaculate Heart all the peoples entrusted to our pastoral care. May you guide us on the path to Jesus. Mother, you know our hopes and our sufferings. You witness all the struggles between good and evil, between light and darkness that shake the world today.

Our Mother, instill in us the gift of peace of your Son Jesus. With our gaze fixed on the Cross, we seek to receive it in our consciences, purified through prayer and penance. With this same peace, we desire to fill our homes and offer it to everyone we encounter on our journey to God.


With the words that Saint John Paul II addressed to you, we beseech you:

From hunger and war, Deliver us.
From sins against the life of man from its first moment, Deliver us
From hatred and the debasement of the dignity of the children of God, Deliver us
From all kinds of injustice in social, national, and international life, Deliver us
From the ease of trampling on God's commandments, Deliver us
From the attempt to obscure the truth of God in human hearts, Deliver us
From the aberration of the conscience of good and evil, Deliver us
From sins against the Holy Spirit, Deliver us


Lord Jesus Christ, King of Peace, reign in our hearts, reign in our families, reign in our dioceses, in our towns and cities, reign in our countries forever with your mother, the Queen of Peace. Amen.


Blessing and Consecration by the Bishops of Central America on Thursday, November 27, 2014, during the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Diocese of Matagalpa. Apante, Mountain of Peace



History of Coffee of the Cross 

Coffee with a Purpose - COTC (Coffee of the Cross) was start to sell to USA in 2017


Now, who pays the bill? Father John informed his core team that the expenses incurred by the Mountain of Peace Shrine include the construction of a mile-long road within the Apante Natural Reserve and the management of 38 hectares of land within the Natural Reserve, including 8 hectares initially allocated for coffee plantations. The upkeep of The Cross, The Virgin of Guadalupe, and the Way of the Cross Stations requires annual maintenance expenses of $60,000 per year.


When we were thinking about the name in October 2015, the first name was "Café Montaña de la Paz (Mountain of Peace Coffee)", but during that month in Matagalpa, there was a coffee event, a coffee fair. We brought coffee, our logo, and of course, the attitude of calling coffee "Montaña de la Paz". However, the children who roamed the Dario park, some of them orphans, began to say in surprise: "Look at the Café de la Cruz (Coffee of the Cross)". In their simplicity of not knowing how to read, they connected the Mountain (El Cerro Apante) with the Cross.


Some Franciscan Priests disagreed with calling it "Coffee of the Cross" because they thought that this was "Simony", referring to selling something blessed from our faith, because we were trying to sell a Cross, a Sanctuary, and something that belongs to God. Ingeniously,  Father John resolved this conflict and suggested adding "Matagalpa" to the version of the logo in Nicaragua "Cafe de la Cruz de Matagalpa” and the English version "Coffee of the Cross From Nicaragua", for connect the purpose with the place and the Cross in the logo.


We started selling coffee in Nicaragua in 2016. Our first client was a local supermarket called "La Estrella". But the profit margin was very low. In order to achieve the goal of maintaining the Sanctuary plus the coffee salaries, we had to sell around 10,000 pounds every month. And Fr. John's question continued to be the same... When we talked about the subject, he took a deep breath and said, “Ay re mia (I think he meant Madre Mia), how are we going to get there, we are selling coffee in a place that produces coffee is like selling wine in Italy, Let's sell this coffee in the United States. I'm sure the people there will support this coffee.” 


That's where we started building the website, and Mr. John G's and Corey's collaboration to achieve this purpose was fundamental, Thanks a Million Corey and John!

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